Remedy Entertainments released a teaser today with Sam Lake detailing that, “We are working hard to bring you an entertainment experience like no other,” he said. “Quantum break will be out in 2015. I’m very excited to tell you that we’ll be presenting Quantum Break’s time-amplified action gameplay for the first time ever in August at Gamescom.”

Sam Lake went on to further discuss how the game/TV portions of Quantum Break would interact with each other: “The game is about heroes, the show is about villains,” he said. “In the game you play Jack Choice in a desperate fight to stop the fracture, that threatens to cause the end of time. In the show, in the style of a modern TV series you follow the schemes and power play inside Monarch – the corporation that’s Jack’s main enemy.”

To help satisfy your wait for Gamescom & it’s release in 2015, check out the teaser below:

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