Earlier this week at the Ubisofts E3 press-conference, Ubisoft announced Shape Up, an all-new way to turn exercise into a game.

Shape Up turns exercise routines into entertaining arcade-style games with the help of game modes designed to keep you motivated with a points-driven system and clever exercises. In Quick Play you’ll do a series of 90-second training bursts focused on muscle building and cardio. In-game coaches will guide you each step of the way to make sure you get the most out of your workout.

The Training Quest Mode will take those exercises and turn them into 4-week-long programs designed to reduce body fat and increase lean body mass. Each “quest” will take about 45 minutes a week and a final boss battle will meet you at the end to
help you maximize your workout.


The Kinect camera allows the game to project your visage onto the screen, so you can see yourself while you work out. Challenge your friends (because everything is better with competition) to beat your scores from the comfort of their own living rooms or even compete right alongside you.


“Workouts can be mundane so it was a real challenge to adapt all of these crazy activities into exercises that are truly effective,” said Charles Huteau, Creative Director of Shape Up. “Shape Up is set to revolutionize fitness games by proving that the more fun you have while working out, the longer you’ll stick with it to achieve better results.”

Check out some gameplay below:

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