The Support of Halo 5 Continues

In its blog post today,  Halo 5 developer announced that the shooter is getting more advanced controller settings, while it also revealed more images of the game’s soon to be released Infection mode.

As described by Senior Game Engineer David Pashute, the new controls will allow advanced toggles of horizontal and vertical look sensitivity. These new adjustments will be released in the Memories of Reach update, coming in May.

gaylo controls

Speaking of Halo: Reach, Infection mode, made popular in Halo 3 and Reach, will be arriving on consoles sometime soon along with existing maps that have been customized for Infection. These new maps are titled Malignant (Overgrowth), Nerve Center (Plaza) and an additional map titled Riptide. The developer has also confirmed that Infection will support fan-made maps as well.

Gaylo infection

Image of an Infection map. Release date currently unrevealed

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