According to data provided at the Game Developers Conference by the Wargaming creative director and executive producer TJ Wagner, console sales of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will reach a combined 108 million units sold by 2019. PlayStation 4 will account for 69 million of the units and Xbox One will make up the other 39 million.

On another slide during the presentation, Wagner claimed that there are currently 36 million active PS4’s in the market today and 19 million Xbox One’s. Wargaming got their numbers from sources that include¬†Superdata, IDG Consulting, and IHS.

Personal Opinion: With numbers like this, it’s safe to say that console gaming is safe, and here to stay for a long time. While PlayStation has a massive lead over Microsoft, 19 million units currently estimated isn’t anything to scoff at. Both systems are killing it at the market. This is great news for all gamers, PlayStation or Xbox!


Source: GameSpot

Author: Nicholas Catto

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