According to Giant Bomb’s sources, the much rumored and talked about “PS4.5” or “PS4K” is called Codename NEO internally by Sony. No price point was given to Giant Bomb, but some other information was given.

The NEO will have a higher clock speed than the previous PS4, an improved GPU and higher bandwidth on memory. The documents Giant Bomb received showed that the HDD in the NEO will be the same as the original PS4, but it’s not clear if that means in terms of capacity or connection speed.


Starting in October, every PS4 will be reportedly required to ship with both a “base mode” which will run on current PS4’s and a “NEO mode” to use on the other console. Games running in NEO mode will use the new consoles upgraded parts to run games better, offering increased stability in frame rate and higher visual fidelity. NEO will also support 4K image output, although, the games themselves are not required to be native 4K.

Also, in the documents, Sony offered suggestions on how to reach 4K/Ultra HD resolutions for NEO mode game builds but are giving the developers some freedom on how to approach this. However, Sony isn’t giving any leeway in terms of frame rate. In the documents, Sony repeatedly reminded the developers that the frame rate of games in NEO mode must meet or exceed the frame rate of games on the original PS4.

It’s also stated that NEO will not replace the current PlayStation 4’s, but co-exist alongside it. The NEO and current PS4 will use the same PSN Store, connect to the same online communities and offer the same user experience. Users will also be able to maintain all purchases made on the current PS4.

Sony is adamant about keeping the NEO and current PS4 players connected. There will be no NEO-only games and Sony will not allow developers to separate NEO users from current PS4 users while playing on the PSN. Sony also said developers aren’t allowed to add any NEO exclusive game modes or in-game content. All games will be exactly the same on NEO and the current PS4. The only exception is that while playing offline, NEO users may be able to play 8-player split screen to the PS4’s 4-players. The NEO will basically just run an improved version of your games.

PlayStation VR was not mentioned in the documents given to Giant Bomb. You don’t have to worry about any NEO exclusive PSVR games.

Even though games releasing in October and beyond will have to include a NEO feature, don’t expect the NEO to be launching in October. In the documents, it states that developers are allowed to release game with the NEO mode before the NEO itself releases.

Older titles will be allowed to have a NEO mode, but only if the developers choose to patch the mode into the game.

Source: Giant Bomb

Author: Nicholas Catto

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