Industry insider Shinobi602 has leaked many things over the years. In a podcast, he broke down his E3 leaks, one of them being a Microsft exclusive Capcom game. Here are his full predictions via NeoGAF user MarquesZero.
– Shinobi didn’t want to talk about Rockstar and RDR2 (maybe ’cause he don’t want to spoil the surprise?). He did spoke freely about “where the hell is Agent?”, he didn’t really know, for what it looks like.

– He confirmed “Prey Reboot” at Bethesda conference being developed by Arkane.

– When asked about Sucker Punch and Spider Man he spoke trying to not say anything but clearly looked like he knows what’s going on but didn’t want to spoil. He said that are a couple of unnanounced titles at Sony but wasn’t confirming or deying if Sucker Punch was involved.

– There will be a remaster on Bethesda. Skyrim? Probably.

– Capcom will announce an exclusive game at Microsoft conference. RE7 (this would be nuts) or DR4?

– There will be “hardware” at Microsoft’s.

Source: NeoGAF

Author: Nicholas Catto


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