With the Xbox Black Friday sales here, I thought it might be useful for some people to have a brief guide showing you how to buy games from other regions. For a lot of people digital games can be really expensive in their region, but could save a lot of money buying them from another region where they may be cheaper.

  • Despite some rumors, you are totally fine doing this and it does not risk your account in any way.  Xbox live digital games are region-free meaning that as long as you have a valid method of payment for your chosen region then you can feel free to buy the game there, even if you don’t actually live there.  Here are a couple sources confirming this: Source One from Xbox News and Source 2 directly from the MS Director of Product Planning.
  • The game will always download in the language that your home console is set as. You do not need to change this at any point in this process and should use your pc to shop for your game rather than the xbox.
  1. Decide where you what region you would like to buy your Xbox One digital game from.  Use something like Digital Games Prices Site or Xbox Store Checker to help you find the best price for your game and then go to the Xbox Store and find your chosen game.
  2. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you will see a small ‘world’ icon with your current region next to it. Click this icon and the select your chosen store region that you would like to by from. (If your chosen store is in a foreign language then use the built in translator in google chrome or the google translator add-on for Firefox to translate the page for you)
  3. Open another window and go to the Microsoft Store (not the Xbox Store). As before, change you region to your chosen store region, the same as mentioned in step 2, and search for Xbox digital gift cards.  (The name may vary slightly differently in some regions but make sure it’s a digital gift card) and buy the smallest amount that will cover your purchase. (Note: the US store prices do not include tax, so add about 10% to cover this most other stores give the full price inc tax.  Also, I used PayPal as my payment method and I just used my address as the British Embassy or any hotel in Canada.)
  4. Once you have your gift card code ( it’s normally emailed within an hour) then redeem it and go back to the Xbox Store window and click “buy” on your game. For the payment method select “use Microsoft account balance” and then confirm the payment. If you are asked for any address details then just use the same details as before as mentioned in step three (hotels, embassies etc).
  5. If your Xbox is set to instant-on then your download will start automatically, otherwise just find your game in the “my games and apps” section on your console to start your download.

And that’s it! Enjoy your new game! You can save around £5 on some occasions, but sometimes the price difference can be £20+ so the savings really mount up.  If you want to do this again for another country just remove your payment method (such as PayPal used above) and re-add it for the new region.

Original source on this guide, even though I have tweaked and fleshed it out a little, is fellow Redditor scg06.

This guide was last updated on November 21st, 2016.

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