Microsoft has just unveiled a trove of new elements coming to Minecraft on Xbox One and Playstation 4 in late December.

Called the “Holiday Update”, it’ll bring the elusive Elytra glider to the game (capes that let you “fly”).  Better still, console owners will get a formerly Java exclusive feature dubbed “Amplified Terrain” that’ll let players recreate a world’s hundreds of thousands (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U) on up to tens of millions (PS4, Xbox One) of blocks, to create topographical extremities sure to impress many players.


Microsoft says the update also includes new mobs, items and status effects, as well as user interface, game and tutorial changes. They’re also folding in new status effects, including one that’ll let you create Lingering Potions to “leave some status effects on the ground for a friend or foe to happen upon.” And The End, which harbors the new Elytra, will include End Cities, End Ships and decorative miscellany like Chorus Plants and Purpur blocks.

Today’s announcement is a “sneak peek,” meaning they’re deliberately holding a few things back. Perchance shields? The rest of the “Combat Update” that introduced the Elytra to Java players last February? We shall see come late December.

Microsoft calls this its “biggest Minecraft console update of the year” and says that after the update, console Minecraft will at last be virtually on par with the original PC version.

And finally, because there has to be One More Thing, Microsoft says it’s “completely redesigning the End dimension” for the console editions to be on par with Java edition with version 1.9.

Source: Mojang

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