Ancient Amuletor Review
Fun GameplayHardly Any Motion SicknessCould play standing up or sittingSquishy Character Physics?
Lacking In ContentNeeded to recalibrate some

I’m handling this review a little different then most reviews with a quick format that helps the reader find exactly what they are looking for, faster.  Being this is a VR game, I feel as though this format will work better.

About: Ancient Amuletor is an action tower defense game for the PlayStation VR that throws you into the ancient world to battle magical creatures, monsters and other legendary foes in single-player and cooperative multiplayer for up to three players.

Gameplay:  The gameplay of the Ancient Amuletor is a blast.  There are four different types of heroes, an archer, gunner, mage & puppeteer depending on how you would like to play.  Each hero can be easily swapped on the fly during the game.  I preferred playing as the archer, because with each move controller I was able to feel like I was shooting an actual bow.  I even took to standing as it is easier to correctly shoot a bow.  The other heroes were great as well, with my second favorite being the mage.

Each map consists of five to six different waves to survive, with the second map of a location containing a boss battle.  You can easily change your location on the map, by pointing to another highlighted area with your move controller.  It’s easy to do this on the fly, and allowed me to bounce around the map to survive the wave.

Amount Of Content:  There is enough content to keep you busy for a few hours with four different maps and four different heroes.  There seems to be more contenting coming to the game such as maps that are currently blacked out with a “Coming Soon” sign on them so it looks like this game will be supported after launch with more content.

Motion Sickness:  On a scale of one to ten representing the motion sickness aspect, with one being hardly any to ten representing the vomit train, I would say Ancient Amuletor gets a two.  After about two straight hours in this game, I hardly had any form of motion sickness from sitting down and standing up.

Random Thoughts: When playing the game, you can look down at your complete character model instead of just nothingness like other VR games.  This lead to some accidental laughs, as when I first noticed it, I had both hands near my chest which led to some “squishy” breast physics.  Yes, you heard that right, SQUISHY breast physics.  Go wild people because archer lady is bae.

Summary: Ancient Amuletor is definitely one of my favorite PSVR games currently, but the only problem seems to be the lack of content.  The content that is there, is a blast to play through and I would definitely recommend it to those looking to dust off that PSVR unit and play.

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