Cloudgine, a leading innovator in video game development technology that has applied its cloud and networking expertise to influential titles such as Microsoft’s Crackdown 3 and Oculus’s Toybox, today revealed a first look at its latest technology powering cloud-based physics, virtual reality and GPU streaming. With its brand-new game, ‘They Came From Space’, Cloudgine has built an intensive proof-of-concept showcasing the capabilities of the technology.

‘They Came From Space’ is an online multiplayer action game where players take on the immersive role of an unscrupulous alien Overseer in VR, or as their top-gun wingmen for those wanting a traditional gaming experience.

In ‘They Came From Space’ you control either an alien Overseer (in Virtual Reality) or one of their drones in a 50’s B-Movie Alien Invasion. Overseer and Pilots work together to destroy mankind’s primitive structures and harvest the energy contained within, whilst battling a rival faction attempting to move in on your claim. Destroy the town, harvest the energy, and use it to chase off your foes.



There will be up to 10-player online team battles pitting players against each other in a race to destroy cities, collect energy for the Mothership’s ultimate weapon and obliterate the enemy’s protective dome.  ‘They Came From Space’ will feature fully destructible and dynamic environments using cloud-powered physics.  There will also be robust streaming director cameras for VR-players that gives Twitch streamers direct control of a personal camera from within the game.

‘They Came From Space’, is currently for PC, Oculus and Vive with no current release window.

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