Quick Take: 3030 Deathwar Redux

3030 Deathwar Redux is a refreshing ambitious indie title from a small studio.  3030 Deathwar Redux  is an Open World Space Adventure with a twist!  A dead body is found by his crew, then his new ship gets impounded by the cops, something is going on… probably related to a missing freighter with a large cargo of gold bars. Now, John Falcon, a freewheeling space pilot, tries to get back on his feet.

You the player will take on many different types of jobs trying to save up enough to get a ship so that you can traverse the galaxy doing more and more jobs, all the while trying to figure out who sold you a stolen ship.  The galaxy is huge and populated as the attention to detail in this game from such a small studio is tremendous.  Not only are there jobs to do, but you can also find Pirate Stations and begin a life of crime, attacking innocent traders, or stealing cargo from traffic.  The possibilities of this game are endless.

The soundtrack to this game is great as well, often times I found myself just flying around the galaxy listening to the different sounds that I came across.  Not only is the soundtrack great, the graphics are perfect for this indie title.  There is so much charm to everything that I came across.

For only $15, there is an endless amount of contents.  If you felt that No Man’s Sky was lacking and need something to scratch that open world space game, then 3030 Deathwar Redux is the perfect game to relax and play.

3030 Deathwar Redux
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