Quick Take: The Land Of Pain

What I thought was going to be a simple camping trip turned into something a lot more sinister with mysteries being uncovered around each turn.  The Land of Pain is a lovecraftian horror adventure, you’ll have to learn how to survive as you fend off a dark and disturbing evil. Explore a huge and terrifying world, flee from a unrelenting enemy, solve puzzles, and unravel the ancient mystery that’s befallen this land.

If you’re looking for a walking simulator meets Myst with something along the lines of Outlast or Amnesia thrown in, then this is a perfect game for you.  The first hour of so you are exploring a good bit, walking from place to place until something more sinister comes into play.  Your story is given to you through leftover notes or what your character scribbles down into his journal.  While the story is strictly leftover on paper, the ambient sounds bring this game to life.

I’ve always been told a scary movie isn’t scary without the music, and I feel as though games can be thought of in the same way.  The Land Of Pain immersed me with its sounds.  I played with headphones so I’m sure that helped, but with every little frightening sound, I would stop in my tracks and glance over my surroundings before pressing on.

Don’t worry, there is more than just scary sounds to this game.  There is also an evil that you have to avoid so stick to the shadows and crouch or hide to avoid detection.  Also, make sure you have that lamp turned off!

If you’re looking for something to scratch that walking horror simulator vibe this fall then don’t miss The Land Of Pain.


The Land Of Pain
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