The Solus Project puts players in the shoes of an astronaut who has crash landed upon a planet, who is tasked with preventing humanity from extinction by finding a safe haven for your colony.  To stay alive you must find shelter, food and water and traverse the planet to unlock many mysteries.

You will discover secrets buried deep below, delve into huge cave systems and tombs. You must survive many different scenarios such as extreme climate, storms, tornadoes, and meteors.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t survive very long, but that didn’t stop me for trying again and again.

The Solus Project has perfected one of my main concerns with virtual-reality and that is movement.  You would think that moving around a game in PSVR with the move controllers would be awkward?  In most scenarios, I would say yes except for The Solus Project.  The Solus Project has mapped the walking and turning to specific buttons on the PlayStation move controller that became like second nature while playing.  While other games such as Paranormal Activity use a teleportation mechanic that just does not work well when wanting to traverse an open area.

If you have been looking for a reason to dust off that PlayStation VR headset, then don’t miss this game.  The Solus Project came crashing down onto PSVR to show developers how to really utilize the system.


The Solus Project
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