Gaming Treehouse was founded on April 5th, 2016, by Spencer Breland and Nick Catto.  Gaming Treehouse is the collaboration of both game websites known as Gamers 4 Gaming & Live Thru Games.

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History Of Live Thru Games:

Live Thru Games was created in August 2013, by Nick Catto. Live Thru Games’ tagline is “For Gamers From Gamers”. We always thought gamers should get a perspective from an average gamer, as opposed to only major media outlets like IGN, Gamespot, etc.

After two years of only writing articles, Nick enlisted the help of his two friends, Walter Boley, and Matt Harnig. Together, they offered their unique take on the games industry and helped balance out Live Thru Games’ ideas on gaming as a whole. Nick, Walter, and Matt created YouTube channel and SoundCloud account to start a podcast series called “Podcast Reloaded” In the podcast, we discussed all the video game news from the week and gave our spin on it.

History of Gamers 4 Gaming:

Gamers 4 Xbox was created in May 2014, by Spencer Breland.  Gamers 4 Xbox was created as a site where a Xbox gamer would be able to visit one site for all of the news, instead of having to travel to multiple websites.  Gamers 4 Xbox has leaked many stories that other news website has linked to us as the source.

In September of 2015, we transitioned into Gamers 4 Gaming so that we could expand our content to cover not only Xbox, but Playstation and Nintendo as well.

If you would like to view the old site, you can visit it here.

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