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Injustice 2 Review

Injustice 2 is a pinnacle of fighting games. Netherrealm pulled no punches in providing not just a competitive fighting experience but a fantastic video game. One that fans of video games and superheroes alike would be foolish to pass up.
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Aaero Review

Ribbon running, robot blasting and bass dropping. Just an average day in the life of Aaero. The Kickstarter funded project from Mad Fellows Games. Gamers everywhere know that Kickstarter projects can always be hit or miss, thankfully with Aaero, we have an undeniable hit.
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Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

Mass Effect Andromeda is a good game, despite all of its problems. Perhaps my biggest complaint about the game is that it comes SO CLOSE to greatness, but holds itself back with one too many dull quests or a story that is just too afraid to make the big decisions. The combat, characters and environments help keep the game from feeling like a disappointment, but fans of the original trilogy are forgiven if they finish the game wishing for more of the past.
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Punch Club Review (Xbox One & PS4)

Punch Club gave me the chance of becoming one of the best boxers around, one chance that lets be honest, I will never achieve in my life. Not only does Punch Club allow me to do that, it allows me to do a lot more. With Punch Club, your character is just living out his daily life of working out and finding a job before he is offered a chance to become a boxer, thanks to an Old man called Mick. The overall goal of this game is to become the best boxer and own your own gym, but Punch Club takes you on a journey that definitely isn't forgettable along the way. Fighting Ninja Turtle styled Alligators? Check. Delivering Pizzas? Check. Fighting Crime? Check. Should I keep going? It's not only a boxing simulator, but a life simulator at that. A weird life simulator.Boxing Simulator Aspects