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Punch Club Review (Xbox One & PS4)

Punch Club gave me the chance of becoming one of the best boxers around, one chance that lets be honest, I will never achieve in my life. Not only does Punch Club allow me to do that, it allows me to do a lot more. With Punch Club, your character is just living out his daily life of working out and finding a job before he is offered a chance to become a boxer, thanks to an Old man called Mick. The overall goal of this game is to become the best boxer and own your own gym, but Punch Club takes you on a journey that definitely isn't forgettable along the way. Fighting Ninja Turtle styled Alligators? Check. Delivering Pizzas? Check. Fighting Crime? Check. Should I keep going? It's not only a boxing simulator, but a life simulator at that. A weird life simulator.Boxing Simulator Aspects