By: Nick Catto
    Sony has finally revealed the price point and release window of the much-anticipated PlayStation VR. At the Game Developers Conference, Sony stated that PlayStation VR will launch this October, for $399. Also, anyone who purchases PlayStation VR will be able to download The Playroom in VR for free. The VR headset requires a $60 PlayStation Camera to function and provide positional tracking. It wasn’t included in the box set due to many customers owning the accessory already.
    Over 230 developers, from small indie studios to larger teams are making games for PS VR. Sony also stated that 50 VR games will be available for the platform this year. A PS VR exclusive Star Wars Battlefront game was also revealed.
    The $399 price point is well below the other VR platforms are coming out. The Oculus Rift is priced at $600 and the HTC Vive will cost $800. I personally think $399 is a reasonable price for the VR headset if it’s launched with the proper games.
    Here is a quote from Sony about the platform.
    “Ever since we unveiled PS VR during the 2014 Game Developers Conference, we’ve received a tremendous response from gamers and developers alike,” House said in a statement. “To make sure that we are able to prepare and deliver enough units of PS VR and a wide variety of software titles to consumers worldwide, we have decided to launch PS VR in October 2016. For those who are looking forward to its launch, we would like to thank everyone for their patience and continued support. We are beyond excited to deliver to consumers the amazing experience that PS VR offers.”
    Source: IGN