Tattoo Artists 1 min Read. Even though Cleo grew up primarily in Brussels she extensively travelled with her parents until they finally settled in Stockholm Sweden.

Interview With Cleo Wattenstrom Tattoodo

Cleo Wattenström was born on June 12 1992 in Belgium to a couple of Swedish and Ethiopian descents.

Interview with cleo wattenstrm 4259. While living in Stockholm Sweden she dropped out of school at the age of 14 to pursue her dream of becoming a tattoo artist. Wattenstrm was born on June 20 1992 in Belgium. Cleo Wattenstrm who still maintains Kinnaman as her surname on her Instagram page is a body artist whose business is based out of Venice California.

One of the main attraction at this years London Tattoo Convention was the booth of Swedish tattoo artist and gorgeous Cleo Wattenström. Their relationship was known to the public around December 2014 even though they had been dating for several months and were also living together. Cleo Wattenströms husband Joel Kinnaman also grew up in Stockholm Sweden and started dating her in 2014.

She fondly calls her mother Kicki. Usanas Foundation is a geopolitical and security affairs organization based in India registered under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013 as a non-profit and a non-government organization. Interview With Cleo Wattenström.

The family trips exposed her to various cultures and art forms.